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JAMA Members’ U.S. Presence

JAMA Members are Integral to the U.S. Economy and their Communities

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana and IN-MaC Partner to Help Students Learn Next-Generation Manufacturing
Workforce Development
Japanese-brand automakers continue to demonstrate their commitment to the American auto industry and the automotive workforce of the future through various ongoing workforce development initiatives.
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To accelerate the time it will take for autonomous vehicles to get on the road safely, at CES 2017 Carlos Ghosn announced a breakthrough technology called "Seamless Autonomous Mobility," or SAM. Developed from NASA technology, SAM partners in-vehicle artificial intelligence (AI) with human support to help autonomous vehicles make decisions in unpredictable situations and build the knowledge of in-vehicle AI. This technology could potentially enable millions of driverless cars to co-exist with human drivers in an accelerated timeline. It is part of Nissan Intelligent Integration.
Advanced Technologies
Since establishing their first R&D and design facilities in the 1970s, JAMA members have been driving technological innovation and developing advanced vehicles to meet the needs of American drivers and families.
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Environmental Stewardship
JAMA members have a long history of engaging in efforts to protect the natural environment for the benefit of future generations.
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Toyota HBCU program-Toyota Website
Supporting Local Communities
Japanese-brand automakers believe that their success depends on strong partnerships with local communities, which is why they are dedicated to being good corporate citizens.
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JAMA Members' U.S. Economic Impact


Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Japanese-brand automakers introduced the first alternative-powered vehicles to the U.S. market with the Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, and Nissan LEAF. They have been leaders in developing eco-friendly vehicle technologies for many years and will continue to provide a wide variety of vehicle options to address climate change and to work collectively toward the challenging goal of electrification.

JAMA Member Companies

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